The Guardian of Tianjin Temple: A Human Face at the Heart of Ancient Spirituality

Tianjin, one of China's most dynamic megacities, presents a fascinating juxtaposition of the old and the new. One of the most captivating aspects of this city is its ability to preserve its cultural roots amidst rapid transformation and ceaseless modernization. Nothing better illustrates this preservation than the temple guardian I encountered during a visit in... Lire la suite

Tianjin Travel: When Past Meets Present

In June 2010, I had the opportunity to journey to Tianjin, sparking a deep fascination within me for how the ancient and modern can harmoniously coexist. The first captured image is of a majestic dragon, a mythical and benevolent symbol in China. This detail from an ancient pot, the exact origin of which still eludes... Lire la suite

Tianjin: From Neighborhood Shops to the Shadows of Gian

As a photographer and traveler, I've always been captivated by the tales told through urban landscapes. My journey in June 2010 took me to Tianjin, China. Here, as night fell, I captured two contrasting faces of commerce that deeply resonated with me. The Warm Glow of the Neighborhood Butcher The first image shines a spotlight... Lire la suite

Memories of Lijiang: Nature and Tradition in Harmony

Lijiang, located in Yunnan, is an ancient town designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. During my 2007 visit, I was captivated not only by its architectural charm but also by the moments of simple and authentic beauty I was fortunate to capture with my camera. As I meandered through the winding alleyways of Lijiang,... Lire la suite

A Timeless Encounter: Yunnan’s Karst Stone Forest

Journeying often unveils unexpected splendors, landscapes that narrate tales of bygone epochs and the magnificence of nature. In a 2007 sojourn to Yunnan, I was graced with such a wonder. There, the karst stone forest unfurled, molded over eons by the remnants of ancient oceans. Towering majestically before me were these stoic stone pillars, remnants... Lire la suite

Testimony of an ancestral know-how: the Art of Braiding in China

Chinese woman braiding a fisherman's hat, Zhejiang, China, Summer 2013 In the heart of the Zhejiang region in China, nestled a small fishing village where an ancestral skill endures. It was here that a woman was immortalized during the summer of 2013, carefully braiding a fisherman's hat. An intimate look at traditional Chinese craftsmanship This... Lire la suite

Understanding the Right to Image in Photography in Switzerland: A Guide for Public Space Photographers

Understanding the right to image in Switzerland Sunrise over Old Town Geneva, viewed from the terrace of Agrippa d'Aubigné with a mysterious man in a black hat. If you are a photographer based in Switzerland, or planning to photograph in this country, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific laws of this region regarding... Lire la suite