Mobile Guide: How to Take Stunning Photos with Your Smartphone

With the advent of mobile technology, our smartphones have become powerful photography tools. With a few tips and techniques, you can transform your everyday shots into gallery-worthy images. Here's our guide to help you take impressive photos with your smartphone. Understand Your Smartphone's Capabilities First, it's important to understand what your smartphone can and cannot... Lire la suite

Impact of Mobile Photography on Photography

Since the arrival of smartphones with high-quality cameras, the world of photography has been deeply transformed. Mobile photography, the main subject of this article, has made the practice of photography widely accessible, literally putting it in the pocket of almost everyone. Increase in the Number of Photographers One of the major impacts of mobile photography... Lire la suite

Evolution of Photography: From Daguerreotype to the Digital Age

The evolution of photography, which started as a series of experiments in darkrooms and inventors' workshops, has gone through a series of technical revolutions to become the pervasive art and media we know today. "Boulevard du Temple" is a daguerreotype photograph taken in Paris in 1838 by the inventor of the process, Louis Daguerre. The... Lire la suite

Shadows and Clouds: Saint Antoine Promenade

Inspiration: The Saint Antoine Promenade in Geneva features a long alleyway lined with chestnut trees on one side and an ancient paved path on the other, fringed with charming private hotels. The shadows cast by the trees along the alleyway engage in a fascinating dialogue with the shapes of the clouds in the sky. Saint... Lire la suite

“Jet d’Eau: Dance with the Clouds” – A new addition to the “Geneva Cityscapes” collection

Fine Art Photography in Geneva offers a multitude of perspectives and panoramas. One of the most emblematic is undoubtedly the Jet d'Eau. In this photograph, I capture this Genevan monument in a dance with the clouds. "Jet d'Eau: Dance with the Clouds" - Geneva's famous water jet majestically rises to the sky, mingling with the... Lire la suite

Towards the Treille: A Journey Through Time

"Towards the Treille: A Journey Through Time" - A journey through time in the streets of Geneva, captured from rue Henri-Fazy. I am thrilled to share my latest work, "Towards the Treille: A Journey Through Time". This photograph was captured from rue Henri-Fazy, offering a unique perspective on the cobbled, flower-lined streets of Geneva. The... Lire la suite