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Impact of Mobile Photography on Photography

Since the arrival of smartphones with high-quality cameras, the world of photography has been deeply transformed. Mobile photography, the main subject of this article, has made the practice of photography widely accessible, literally putting it in the pocket of almost everyone.

A woman holding a smartphone about to take a photo

Increase in the Number of Photographers

One of the major impacts of mobile photography has been to significantly increase the number of people taking photos. Before smartphones, photography required a time and money investment for buying a dedicated camera and learning how to use it. Today, anyone with a smartphone has a camera capable of taking reasonably quality images at any time. To learn more about the evolution of photography, you can check out our [article on the evolution of photography from daguerreotype to the digital age].

Ease of Image Sharing

Another major impact has been the ease with which images can be shared. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have facilitated the instant sharing of photos taken with a smartphone. This rapid and wide dissemination has allowed images to reach a much wider audience than ever before. For tips on how to take stunning photos with your smartphone, check out our [guide to mobile photography].

Creative Expression and Image Editing

Mobile photography has also allowed for instant creative expression. With a variety of photo editing apps available, users can modify and enhance their images directly on their smartphone before sharing them. For a list of the best photo editing apps, visit [this external link].

Drawbacks of Mobile Photography

However, the popularity of mobile photography has also had less positive impacts. Some people are concerned about how it has made photography more disposable, with thousands of images being taken and shared every second, but few of them being preserved or printed.


Despite these concerns, the overall impact of mobile photography on the world of photography has been profoundly positive. It has made photography accessible to everyone, democratized the practice, and allowed millions of people to share their view of the world. As technology continues to evolve, it’s clear that mobile photography will continue to play a major role in how we take and share images. Its impact on photography is undeniable and continues to grow.