The Last Winter Refuge and Nature’s Beauty

Megève: Man's Encounter with the Unyielding Nature In the heart of the French Alps, in Megève, winter unveils a canvas of pristine whiteness, where nature reigns supreme, reminding humans of their rightful place. As the storm rages on, every snowflake crafts the wild landscape and underscores the significance of preservation. At the center of this... Lire la suite

Harmony between Wildlife and Civilization in Megève

In December 2017, the tranquility of Megève, Haute-Savoie, intertwined with the vibrancy of nature. Amidst the snowy landscape, a family of deer skittered across the fields, outlining the seamless blend of wild nature and mountain serenity. A Snapshot of Vitality in the Quiet Winter A particularly compelling image showcases three deer in mid-leap, encapsulating the... Lire la suite

The Magic of a Winter Landscape in Haute-Savoie

In December 2017, a unique spectacle unveiled itself in the region of Haute-Savoie, near Megève. A thick blanket of snow had enveloped the forest, transforming the landscape into a winter scene worthy of a fairy tale. What makes this image captivating is its complete absence of human imprint, a true representation of preserved nature. The... Lire la suite

The Hidden Magic of Megève: Between Snow and Nature

Just a stone's throw from Megève, a renowned ski resort, lies a realm brimming with wild, natural beauty. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the slopes, a world of alpine solitude beckons to those adventurers in search of serenity. In December, Megève undergoes a transformation. Fir trees don their white coats, and the mountain's hushed... Lire la suite

The Serenity of Winter 2017 in Megève

Imagine a tranquil scene, where a reindeer stands majestically in the foreground, moving towards the left of the image, and where the splendor of the Mont Blanc massif arises in the background. This is not a painting but a moment immortalized in Megève, in Haute-Savoie, France, in December 2017. Expanses of conifers frame the winding... Lire la suite

Snow-covered Geneva: A Rare View from Saint-Pierre Cathedral

Geneva, this iconic Swiss city, is rarely adorned with a lasting snow blanket. However, in December 2017, nature gifted its residents and visitors a breathtaking sight: the snow-covered Rade of Geneva. Captured from the top of the North Tower of Saint-Pierre Cathedral, this image offers an aerial perspective of roofs blanketed in snow, contrasting with... Lire la suite

December 2017: An Enchanting Winter in Megeve

Megeve’s Blanket of White In the heart of Haute-Savoie, the village of Megeve wrapped itself in a thick white blanket in December 2017, providing a spectacle as ephemeral as it was enchanting. The striking image of the village, engulfed by abundant, pure snow, evokes both gentle nostalgia and perpetual wonder. The snow, in its generosity,... Lire la suite

Spectacular Late Afternoon in Chamonix Valley

A breathtaking scene unfolds in the late afternoon in the valley of Chamonix, Haute-Savoie. The mountain peaks pierce the sky, elegantly enveloped by a solitary cloud, and are gently illuminated by the setting sun. This spectacle creates a magnificent display of contrasts and volumes against a deeply-hued sky. The foreground is adorned with a dark... Lire la suite

Winter Beauty in Savoie

Winter Beauty in Savoie: The Ephemeral Art of Snow December 2017, amidst the enchantment of the mountains of Savoie, France, a divinely ephemeral spectacle unfolded before our eyes. The wind, that discreet yet persistent artist, drew delicate, transient waves upon the fresh snowy blanket, creating a canvas that was simultaneously minimalistic and rich in textures.... Lire la suite