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Geneva Under the Snow: An Editorial Glimpse of the Paralyzed City

Geneva Under the Snow: A Transformed City

In March 2018, Geneva witnessed an exceptional snowfall that not only paralyzed its trams but also transformed its historical monuments into picturesque winter landscapes.

The first image, taken at Place de Neuve, depicts a stranded tram and workers desperately trying to free it from its icy encasement. Beside it, another tram, number 18 heading towards CERN, trudges forward, its driver casting a glance at the photographer through a snow-covered window. A solitary passenger patiently waits amidst the storm.

Tram under the snow at Place de Neuve, Geneva

A few minutes later, at the Parc des Bastions, an equally surreal scene unfolds. The statues of the main Protestant reformers, ordinarily stoic and imposing, are softened and rendered almost comical by the hats and coats of snow covering them.

Statues of the reformers covered in snow at Parc des Bastions, Geneva

These images, capturing the ephemeral and exceptional nature of this weather event, offer a unique glimpse of a city transformed by nature. Geneva, known for its elegance and history, is revealed in a new light, more vulnerable and poetic.

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