Geneva Under the Snow: An Editorial Glimpse of the Paralyzed City

Geneva Under the Snow: A Transformed City In March 2018, Geneva witnessed an exceptional snowfall that not only paralyzed its trams but also transformed its historical monuments into picturesque winter landscapes. The first image, taken at Place de Neuve, depicts a stranded tram and workers desperately trying to free it from its icy encasement. Beside... Lire la suite

Snow-covered Geneva: A Rare View from Saint-Pierre Cathedral

Geneva, this iconic Swiss city, is rarely adorned with a lasting snow blanket. However, in December 2017, nature gifted its residents and visitors a breathtaking sight: the snow-covered Rade of Geneva. Captured from the top of the North Tower of Saint-Pierre Cathedral, this image offers an aerial perspective of roofs blanketed in snow, contrasting with... Lire la suite

Mystical Light at Geneva’s Reformation Wall

Divine Glow in the Heart of Geneva At the Reformation Wall in Geneva, light becomes the messenger of a powerfully intense historical symbolism. In the core of this city, imprinted with a revolutionary and religious past, photography explores a moment where the historic and the contemporary subtly intertwine. The reformers’ motto, Post-Tenebras Lux, rings particularly... Lire la suite

Shadows and Clouds: Saint Antoine Promenade

Inspiration: The Saint Antoine Promenade in Geneva features a long alleyway lined with chestnut trees on one side and an ancient paved path on the other, fringed with charming private hotels. The shadows cast by the trees along the alleyway engage in a fascinating dialogue with the shapes of the clouds in the sky. Saint... Lire la suite

“Jet d’Eau: Dance with the Clouds” – A new addition to the “Geneva Cityscapes” collection

Fine Art Photography in Geneva offers a multitude of perspectives and panoramas. One of the most emblematic is undoubtedly the Jet d'Eau. In this photograph, I capture this Genevan monument in a dance with the clouds. "Jet d'Eau: Dance with the Clouds" - Geneva's famous water jet majestically rises to the sky, mingling with the... Lire la suite

Towards the Treille: A Journey Through Time

"Towards the Treille: A Journey Through Time" - A journey through time in the streets of Geneva, captured from rue Henri-Fazy. I am thrilled to share my latest work, "Towards the Treille: A Journey Through Time". This photograph was captured from rue Henri-Fazy, offering a unique perspective on the cobbled, flower-lined streets of Geneva. The... Lire la suite

Mastering Natural Light in Geneva: A Practical Guide for Photographers

Natural light is one of the most important elements to understand and master in photography. In Geneva, with its changing climate and diverse landscapes, natural light provides a rich spectrum of possibilities for photographers. In this article, we will explore how you can master natural light in Geneva to enhance your photographs. Understanding Natural Light... Lire la suite

Old Town Geneva Photography Guide

Cityscape of the old town of Geneva at blue hour. View of Place du Bourg-de-Four and St. Pierre Cathedral from rue Etienne-Dumont at dawn. Knowing how to **photograph Old Town Geneva** can be a rewarding experience for a photographer. With its unique charm and rich history, this neighborhood offers unparalleled opportunities for capturing beautiful images.... Lire la suite