Geneva Under the Snow: An Editorial Glimpse of the Paralyzed City

Geneva Under the Snow: A Transformed City In March 2018, Geneva witnessed an exceptional snowfall that not only paralyzed its trams but also transformed its historical monuments into picturesque winter landscapes. The first image, taken at Place de Neuve, depicts a stranded tram and workers desperately trying to free it from its icy encasement. Beside... Lire la suite

Lucca Summer 2015: Atop the Historic Tuscan Roofs

Dive into an Italian summer where the tiled roofs of Lucca narrate age-old stories, and green shutters shield the residents’ secrets. July 2015 brings forth an escape into a space where rustic mingles with elegance, bathed in a light that flirts with nostalgia and beckons for exploration. The first image takes us above the roofs,... Lire la suite

Portofino Marina and Picturesque Village | June 2011

Captured in June 2011, this enchanting view showcases the Marina of Portofino with its luxurious yachts, nestled against the quaint, colorful village. The houses, bathed in shades of yellow and red ochre, create a charming backdrop to the Marina. Portofino’s church stands at the heart of the village, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation that climbs over... Lire la suite

Summer Respite under Portofino Arcades

A serene summer scene unfolds in June 2011 under the quaint arcades of Portofino, Italy. With a narrow focus capturing a young lady enjoying a quiet moment amidst the quaint shops, this photograph paints a picture of quiet anticipation before the tourist rush. Date and Location: June 2011, Portofino, Italy In the Picture: The photograph... Lire la suite

Tianjin Travel: When Past Meets Present

In June 2010, I had the opportunity to journey to Tianjin, sparking a deep fascination within me for how the ancient and modern can harmoniously coexist. The first captured image is of a majestic dragon, a mythical and benevolent symbol in China. This detail from an ancient pot, the exact origin of which still eludes... Lire la suite

Tianjin: From Neighborhood Shops to the Shadows of Gian

As a photographer and traveler, I've always been captivated by the tales told through urban landscapes. My journey in June 2010 took me to Tianjin, China. Here, as night fell, I captured two contrasting faces of commerce that deeply resonated with me. The Warm Glow of the Neighborhood Butcher The first image shines a spotlight... Lire la suite