Discovering Wuzhen: The Tale of An Ancient Pawnshop Sign

In July 2013, while wandering through the rustic lanes of Wuzhen, China, I stumbled upon a relic from the past that took me on a journey back in time. Nestled at the entrance of an ancient pawnshop, a Chinese character carved into the wall piqued my curiosity. Historical Resonance: The Chinese character, painted in stark... Lire la suite

Passing Under the Stone Bridge: Delving into the Historic Heart of Wuzhen

In July 2013, a boat ride in Wuzhen, situated in the quaint province of Zhejiang, China, offered a dive into local authenticity. The moment, captured under the arch of an ancient stone bridge, invokes a vibrant panorama of the rustic village that unfolds on either side of the river, embodying a journey through the living... Lire la suite

Capturing the Essence of Wuzhen: An Intimate Glimpse into Local Life

In July 2013, I embarked on a photographic adventure in Wuzhen, a locality nestled in the heart of Zhejiang province in China. This journey aimed to explore and document daily life under a new light, that of a lively tradition amidst bustling modernity. A Window into Local Life One of the images captured during this... Lire la suite

Portofino Marina and Picturesque Village | June 2011

Captured in June 2011, this enchanting view showcases the Marina of Portofino with its luxurious yachts, nestled against the quaint, colorful village. The houses, bathed in shades of yellow and red ochre, create a charming backdrop to the Marina. Portofino’s church stands at the heart of the village, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation that climbs over... Lire la suite

Summer Respite under Portofino Arcades

A serene summer scene unfolds in June 2011 under the quaint arcades of Portofino, Italy. With a narrow focus capturing a young lady enjoying a quiet moment amidst the quaint shops, this photograph paints a picture of quiet anticipation before the tourist rush. Date and Location: June 2011, Portofino, Italy In the Picture: The photograph... Lire la suite

Devotion and Incense at the Tianjin Temple

Captured in the outdoor courtyard of a traditional temple in Tianjin, in February 2011, this singular image highlights a large urn where the faithful burn incense as a sign of devotion. Through the opening of the urn, a woman is seen bowing respectfully, holding three lit incense sticks, while a crowd waits in the background... Lire la suite

Reminiscence of Bygone Eras: A Traditional Temple in Tianjin

The city of Tianjin, with its fascinating blend of the old and the new, harbors historical gems that speak of a China of yesteryears. At the heart of this bustling city lies a traditional temple, a silent witness to the bygone eras. A stroll through this sacred place in February 2011 was an invitation to... Lire la suite

A Stroll Down the Liu Li Chang Dong Jie: A Glimpse Into Beijing’s Historical Legacy

Amid the hustle and bustle of modern-day Beijing, lies a street that holds within its bounds a treasure trove of history. The Liu Li Chang Dong Jie is not just a street, but a living museum reflecting the vibrant culture and ancient traditions of China. As one strolls down this street, it’s akin to traversing... Lire la suite

The Past Echoing Through the Gates of Zhengyangmen Jian Lou

The profound passage of time is rarely captured as evocatively as it is within the ancient gates of Zhengyangmen Jian Lou in Beijing. This photograph taken in February 2011, narrates a silent yet powerful tale of a bustling modern crowd flowing through the gaping gates of a bygone era. Captivating Architecture The greyscale of the... Lire la suite